Summer is over, is time for a check-up

Summer is coming to an end and is when normal routines can go out the window bringing a lot more oral treats around. Don’t let your summer memories be ruined by the most common chronic oral disease: cavities. Prevention and early detection can help avoid pain, trouble eating, and difficulty speaking. The first step to your best and healthier smile ever is by scheduling your regular checkups. Even if you follow a diligent oral care routine at home, regular checkups with a dental professional are still a must.  

At your check-up, Dr. Rojas and her team will create your customized dental treatment plan, which will be a guide for you and how to move forward in order to give you a healthy mouth. Checkups allow your dentist to detect early signs of decay, gum disease, oral cancer, among other dental problems; and take the required action to avoid further damage.  

Some people have dental anxieties, while others are simply too busy. However, if you keep pushing out your next dental exam and cleaning, then you may be giving shelter to unwanted bacteria and infection in your mouth.  When left undetected these conditions can worsen and call for more extensive dental work and/or tooth extractions or surgery.

Whether in the office or classroom, nothing boosts confidence more than a vibrant, healthy smile. From routine cleanings to whitening procedures, Dr. Ruth Rojas can help everyone in your family achieve just that. All in an environment where your comfort comes first.

At Dr. Rojas, it is our mission to provide our patients with the highest quality, comprehensive dental care available. We invest in the latest technology to offer you and your family state of the art care in a warm and friendly atmosphere. We offer comfortable amenities and sedation options to help you have a positive experience in the dental chair. Call our office to schedule your dental checkup (941) 951-7711.