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Sarasota Prosthodontist
Sarasota Prosthodontist

Prosthodontics is an exciting branch of dentistry that only the most highly specialized dentists are fortunate enough to practice in. The art of prosthodontics takes an additional 3 to 4 years of schooling due to its being a more advanced form of treatment. Prosthodontics are treatments that restore and enhance functionality of the tooth. At the offices of Dr. Ruth Rojas, DMD, our Sarasota prosthodontist can create a multitude of treatments that involve restorative maintenance and mouth reconstructions.

Our Sarasota prosthodontist works closely with each patient to determine a treatment plan that is right for them. Those who are missing multiple teeth would benefit well from a prosthodontic treatment plan. Many patients are very happy with the results and in having a full set of teeth once again, allowing them to eat and drink as they choose. Reasons for having prosthodontics done vary, but range from treatment for maxillofacial abnormalities to trauma or neglect of proper dental care. Esthetic reconstructive dentistry is one of the more advanced forms of prosthodontics, maximizing the connection between bone and implant and completely restructuring the teeth and mouth area. Veneers and bonded restorations come in a close second, solving many issues with tooth chipping, breakage or discoloration.

Crowns are another form of prosthodontics that our Sarasota prosthodontist specializes in. Crowns can repair damaged teeth by forging a porcelain or metal material over the tooth, lasting for many years and protecting the natural tooth under it without the need for an extraction. Crowns look very similar to other teeth in the mouth, making them a great option for repairing teeth and facial aesthetics. Although prosthodontics can be expensive, many people have found that it is absolutely worth the effort and expense that is put in. We also offer viable payment plans and options to help patients pay for their care.

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