Prosthodontist in Sarasota

Prosthodontics in Sarasota

Prosthodontist in Sarasota
Prosthodontist in Sarasota

For a long time now, you’ve had to just suck it up and live your life without a complete set of teeth. Not only that, you’re also experiencing severe gum recession. And, despite seeing a periodontist to keep gum disease in check, a lot of the damage has already been done. Sounds like you need restorative treatment—something that a Prosthodontist in Sarasota can treat you to. In that case, feel free to reach out to Ruth Rojas DMD.

When it comes to restoring and replacing teeth (among other things), Prosthodontists are the go-to specialists for this type of work. And let’s face it, no matter your best efforts dental loss can still happen. Even if your oral hygiene routines are unparalleled, all it takes is one bad fall at the wrong angle for a tooth to get knock out or shifted. Prosthodontists are there to step in for whenever these “oops” moments happen. There are several benefits to visiting a Prosthodontist in Sarasota (like Ruth Rojas DMD). Some of these include: cosmetic dentistry (for veneers, dental bridges, metal or ceramic dental crowns, removable partial or complete dentures, teeth straightening and whitening), esthetic reconstructive dentistry (ideal for patients missing teeth and can involve full mouth reconstruction using dental implants to fill in gaps), and treating special conditions (oral cancer, traumatic injuries, joint and jaw disorders, and geriatric conditions). As you can see, these specialists can cater to most oral aesthetic needs. So you won’t have to worry.

Return your smile to the way it used to be. Stop hiding it and share it with everyone you know and love—every single day. So what are you waiting for? Call Ruth Rojas, a Prosthodontist in Sarasota, to setup an appointment. His office provides exemplary service, coupled with a warm, friendly environment. Or if you don’t feel like calling, you can still setup an appointment via e-mail.

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