One Appointment Smile Makeover

At the office of Dr. Ruth Rojas we use computer imaging software that alters a photo of your face to show how your smile will appear after dental work. These computer enhancements are a great planning tool for making decisions on the look you want to achieve. This technique offers patients aesthetic options to their expectations, and see their treatment results before even starting it.

Digital Smile Design studies the relationships between the teeth, gums, and lips of the patient in order to plan their treatment virtually. With the aid of proper high definition dental photographs, Dr. Rojas plans the treatment virtually.

With all this, we see that Digital Smile Design is not only a virtual planning technical tool, but a work philosophy that allows a more controlled monitoring of the treatment by the dental professional and patient, which translates into more efficiency and greater satisfaction of our patients.

Dental office makeover in only one appointment. See the results before committing to a treatment plan. At Dr. Rojas we offer trial smiles, patient care is our ultimate goal. To know more about this service call our office at 941-9511-7711.