Do You Need Cone Beam Radiography?

At the office of Dr. Ruth Rojas we have the latest dental technology to diagnose any dental or surgical treatment. One of which is our Cone Beam Scanner (CT) to produce 3D dimensional images of the teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bone in a single scan. This scanning system provides real and immediate 3D images from different perspectives, allowing us to obtain a diagnosis with a single radiation, 75 times lower than the conventional CT used in hospitals and other diagnostic centers.

Getting a CT Scan is a key element before proceeding with orthodontic or implant dental care. Before you even sit down to get dental implants, you’ll need this scan.

Some of the patient’s benefits are:

  1. Comfort: the patient is standing as when taking an x-ray without the feeling of claustrophobia.
  2. Rapidity in the execution: The images are obtained almost immediately.
  3. A cone beam CT examination requires no special preparation.
  4. Patients will not experience any pain during a cone beam CT exam, and will be able to return to your normal activities once the exam is complete.

There is no question that cone beam provides a better potential to improve prevention and treatment of oral diseases and conditions. Typical periapical radiographs cannot demonstrate if there is enough bone for an implant in the maxillary anterior area. Just as a typical panoramic image is also not adequate to show if there is enough bone present for an implant.

Dental cone beam CT is commonly used for treatment planning of Dental Implants. It is also useful for more complex cases that involve:

This way, the CT Scan allows Dr. Rojas and her team to make a more precise diagnosis of the dental structure, which will improve the design of the treatment plan and will help us to carry out the interventions with greater guarantees.