Digital Dentistry impacting your care?

Advances in digital technology have greatly transformed our everyday lives bringing everything within the reach of our fingertips. Dentistry is no exception with the use of two-dimensional diagnostics and high-definition 3D dentistry, patients are receiving the most advanced oral health care now more than ever before. These advances have not only improved the quality of dental care but also increased the efficiency and predictability of procedures.

At the office of Dr. Ruth Rojas, we embrace digital dentistry as it helps us to carry out many procedures more efficiently than with traditional tools, helping us to provide a higher standard of care for our patients.

Digital x-rays, photos, and cavity detection systems allow Dr. Rojas to intervene in the earliest stages of oral health concerns. Patients are less likely to experience advanced dental damage that requires in-depth treatments.

Digital Technology also allows our patients to be aware and involved in their treatment plan options, through the use of digital devices such as tablets. Allowing patients to visually see the predicted results in order to make better informed decisions when choosing the best treatment plan.

Furthermore, Scanners and digital impressions allows us to train and reference older stored patient data, updating any information as necessary. Technology that truly defines the practice of dentistry, digital files are not only immediately available for dental labs, making dental treatments visits much shorter and comfortable for patients.  Digital impressions can be seamlessly captured by just using a handheld wand, so there is no discomfort.

Dentistry will benefit from a wide range of applications, optimizing patient scheduling and efficient communication with patients to making better and more informed diagnoses. Including our precise treatment planning, which allows us to show patients exactly what their smile will look like after treatment. Taking away the guesswork out of dental treatment planning for patients.

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