Denture Care

To keep your dentures functioning properly, good denture care is important. Dentures require proper care to keep them clean, free from stains and looking their best. If the denture is not cleaned appropriately, accumulated biofilm can contribute to the development of problems in the mouth such as denture-related stomatitis. The American College of Prosthodontists (ACP) recommends that dentures be cleaned daily by soaking and brushing with an effective, nonabrasive denture cleanser to reduce levels of biofilm and potentially harmful bacteria and fungi.

Partial or full dentures can accumulate plaque, stains, and calculus in the same manner as the natural dentition. Therefore, make it a point to remove and rinse dentures after eating, and clean your mouth after removing dentures. Remember to never place in hot or boiling water as it could cause them to warp.

Don’t bend them when cleaning, and don’t use any tools other than your brush. You also need to keep them moist. When not in your mouth, soak yours as directed by your dentist. Dentures may deform if they are kept in dry conditions. Always, rinse dentures before putting them back into your mouth, especially if you used denture solutions. These simple steps go a long way in keeping your dentures clean and functioning.

Denture adhesives are not a remedy for ill-fitting dentures, which may need to be relined or replaced to prevent oral sores from developing.

In addition, making at least a yearly Denture Maintenance appointment with Dr. Rojas is fundamental to ensure the lifetime of your dentures. During the maintenance appointment, dentures are evaluated for wear, fractures and changes in occlusion which can affect the appearance of the face and health of the TMJ.

Remember, maintaining your dentures by routinely cleaning them and having them checked for fit will improve their longevity. Call our office at 941-951-7711 to learn more tips on how to care for your dentures.

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