American Dental Assistants Association’s Dental Assistant Recognition Week!

Each year during the first full week of March is the American Dental Assistants Association’s Dental Assistant Recognition Week! This year it is recognized from March 4th-10th. At Dr. Ruth Rojas we take time during this special week to recognize those working out in the field, since we know that dental assistants are a vital part of the dental team whether they are helping a patient from behind the front desk or performing clinical tasks.

An assistant’s responsibilities include taking x-rays, making impressions of patients’ teeth for study casts, tracking a patient’s medical history, taking blood pressure and pulse, providing post-treatment instructions and ensuring everything is clean, disinfected and sterilized. These are just a few of the many services assistants provide. However, their most important role is staying by your side to keep you comfortable with the dentist throughout your visit. They are the dentists extra set of hands with a warm caring heart. At Dr. Ruth Rojas, our dental assistants come in contact with every patient in the dental office in one way or another.

We think of our assistants as clinical concierge, because they focus on patients’ needs. They are both the patient and dentist advocate. Assistants are educated and certified for a variety of duties, including patient care, administrative tasks and laboratory functions.

At Dr Rojas we are blessed to have fantastic dental assistants! They are essential members of our team year-round, but Dental Assistant Recognition Week is a great time to honor their efforts. A special thank you to our very own assistants, Alyssa and Erika for all their hard work and the commitment they exhibit every day.