Dr. Rojas super tips to change your oral health this summer season

The increase in sugar consumption and poor oral cleaning is not a good combination, as the teeth may be more affected, become more vulnerable and promote the growth of bacteria that cause dental cavities.

To avoid situations such as that mentioned, at Ruth Rojas DMD, our dental office in Sarasota FL we offer our patients different tips to maintain a healthy mouth during the holidays:

  • It is in these times when the consumption of red and white wines increases, especially due to the abundance of meals and dinners with friends or family. These drinks are very acidic and can wear out and severely affect the tooth enamel. For this reason, it is advisable to also drink water between the wine glasses, in order to rinse the acid and avoid affections in the teeth.


  • Sometimes, after a meal or dinner, it is impossible for us to brush our teeth or floss our teeth. When this happens, it is advisable to drink plenty of water or chew sugar-free gum, as the salivary increase they produce will help us eliminate the bacteria and food debris accumulated in our mouth.


  • The frenetic pace of summer parties can lead to stressful situations in patients. As a result, squeezing or grinding the teeth is a common habit, something that can chip the teeth, cause jaw pain and cause general malaise. To avoid compromising the integrity of the teeth, it is advisable to arrange a visit to the dentist and find a solution to the problem. A discharge splint may be the best treatment option.

Dr. Ruth Rojas considers it absolutely necessary that a visit to our office in Sarasota is made before going on holiday’s trips. This will review the patient’s oral cavity and teeth and recommend treatments and habits to follow during the summer.

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