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Dental implants remain the state-of-the-art when it comes to replacing one or even several teeth. They are popular, and with good reason. Implants mimic all of the best qualities of a natural tooth, consisting of a root as well as a tooth portion. Well, with overdentures, you can replace all of the teeth on your upper or lower jaw, and instead of doing so with traditional dentures, and dealing with the drawbacks that go along with them, you can get dentures that are supported by implants, representing the best of both worlds.

For a long time, dentures were removable restorations held in at the gum line. And while they were a lot better than having no replacement for teeth at all, it was also true that holding them in with dental adhesive was not 100% reliable and could be messy to use. That still remains true, as old-fashioned dentures continue to be available. However, our dentist in Sarasota FL would like to offer you dentures that are still removable, but that allow you to eat, speak, and laugh with complete confidence, and without any adhesive required. The process is very much like for getting a single dental implant, except that you will have more than one post. The titanium cylinders, which replace your tooth roots are surgically placed in your jaw bone. Within a few months, your jaw bone grows around the posts and fuses with them, creating a permanent and dependable bond. A temporary denture can be placed, if desired, so that you have replacement teeth while you wait. Our dentist in Sarasota FL will then take impressions that will be sent to the dental lab so that a full denture can be created. It will fit snugly over your posts, and can be taken out as needed.

Call our office and schedule an appointment to come in for an examination and consultation with our dentist in Sarasota FL. Soon, you can have a complete set of teeth once again.

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