Are x-rays necessary at the dentist?

Dental X-rays are an essential part of any oral care plan and there is a lot of misinformation regarding their level of radiation. Therefore, it is helpful to understand a little more about them. The main purpose of having the X-ray performed is for preventive dental care.

The truth is dental x-rays provide a very low dose of radiation compared to other medical x-rays you may have had! In fact, you receive more radiation from natural sources (the sun, air, and soil) working or playing outside than you would be receiving from one dental x-ray. This procedure can help highlight a number of dental problems, including bone destruction, dental injuries, and cavities. In addition to its preventive purposes, an x-ray is also a useful tool for planning a course of treatment for patients who have restorative care, placed dental implants or other cosmetic care.

At our practice in Sarasota, we use state of the art digital X-rays cutting that amount by about 90% compared to traditional film X-rays. Dr. Rojas uses these images to detect the pathology, such as cavities, tumors, cysts or other anomalies that are not obvious to the naked eye. They are an integral part of a complete dental examination.

If you have any questions discuss them with our team or call the office to set up a time for a consultation. At Dr. Ruth Rojas practice, we sincerely believe the judicious use of x-rays is in our patient’s best interest.

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